Weavings by Marilou Schultz
Following are some examples of weavings that I've done over the years. All my weavings are commissioned pieces unless I weave one for a Native American Art Show. I like to weave rugs with intricate designs using very fine handspun wool which come to a count of about 95 - 120 wefts to the inch. The challenge is to weave very detailed designs in the space determined by the dimentions of the rug at the time the warp is set up. If there is a rug that you like
contact me... I can weave it to your liking with the colors you want.
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Two Grey Hills Samples of Wedgeweave "Moqui" Blanket
Handspun Navajo Churro
Available for Sale
Commissions available on these types... Using Indigo, white, & black
Available for Sale
Close up of Indigo Transition Moqui Blanket Sold
Close up of the gradation of Indigo of blanket to the right Woven using handspun churro with natural dyes (Indigo & cochineal) and aniline dyed black. Gradations of Indigo (special dyed technique) used at both ends of rug.
60"x 31" SOLD
Showing work during the weaving process.....
42" x 28"
Navajo Churro Storm Pattern Navajo Churro Round Rug Wide Ruins  
35 1/" x 27 1/2'
Using Navajo Churro
Woven using handspun Navajo Churro
42.5 " in diameter
Natural Colors of the Churro

  Metallic Infusion - Wearing Blanket  
Close up of Rug with metallic thread Woven using fine handspun yarn using cochineal, indigo, and other special dyed yarns to get the speckled effect, gradation of blue (dark to light) along with natural dark Churro yarn. SOLD Weaving Process

3 piece Wearing Blanket

The Chip

Wearing Blanket

Churro Wearing Blanket

Contemporary Blanket


Classic Churro Blanket

Another Phase Diversity

Contemporary Moqui Blanket

Churro Moqui Blanket


Replica of a Chip

Natural Banded

Four Directions

Moqui Banded

Contemporary Blanket

Woven Vest (back)


Moqui Churro Blanket

Multiple Rug (14 rugs)

MultipleRug (10 rugs)

Rug in Progress

Moqui Storm

Three Rugs-N-One