Martha Gorman Schultz

The tradition of weaving has always been in the family. Today, Martha has daughters and grandchildren who are accomplished weavers. She learned as a child from her mother, Mary Gorman R. Clay. Martha likes to weave traditional style rugs such as the Storm Pattern, Two Grey Hills, and Saddle Blankets but she doesn't limit her work to these styles. Her speciality are Storm Patterns which she weaves with different colors.
Churro ewe & lamb


Great grandson, Kaden, 10
months old tries his hands
at weaving.
Wide Ruins Rug
Using natural dyed fine wool
39 1/2" x 26"



Two Grey Hills
Handspun using Natural Churro Wool
All colors are the natural color of the sheep wool



Storm Pattern
Woven using handspun fine wool of the traditonal colors: red, black, dark gray, and white.
39" x 36"


Storm Pattern
(Black, brown, white, & red)
43" x 29"


Crystal Rug
(Rust, white, rose, brown, tan,
gray, dk green, & white)
29 1/2" x 20"

Two Grey Hills
(Dark & natural brown, white & carrot) 39" x 29"

Following are some examples of Martha's rugs that she's woven over the years. She's probably woven over four hundred rugs thus far. In the early years she sold her rugs to trading posts, Northern AZ Musuem, and she had buyer(s) in Flagstaff and Winslow. She never went to school so she used the income from her weaving to help support the family. She continues to weave to support herself and does commission work for collectors/buyers. She participates in the Annual Heard Indian Market and the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Above: Mary Clay & Martha
This rug was woven in the early 70s by Mary Clay. The border is black with designs. The background is gray with two white octagon shapes and two partial ones in the center.



Above: Award winning Storm Pattern (5' x 8'), using different shades of natural brown. Santa Fe Indian Market 1st Place and Special Award..
Above: 2003 Heard Indian Market
Martha made a rug using her mother's design. She has a Navajo name for the rug which translates to but not exactly, "it's white all over" meaning the shapes are white all over. A hogan has eight sides, so do these shapes in the rug.


Above: A Storm Pattern rug in progress with red, black, white, and gray. (Sold)
Martha with a Wide Ruins rug.
Above: A Storm Pattern with a gray background, black, white, black, and red.

Martha and her daughters have demonstated at various Indian Markets/Shows and Museums such as the Heard Indian Market, Santa Fe Indian Market, Market in Boulder, CO, Musuem of Man in San Diego, Washington DC, and more.

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