Heard Museum 2007 Best of Show Rug by Leanna Begay
Student Art Show
Leanna's Rug: First Place, Best of Division, Judge's Choice, & Best of Show Awards
Churro Sheep at Grandma's
Leanna & Brittany w/ lambs
Leanna Begay is the daughter of the late Everette Begay and Loretta Begay. She is the granddaughter of Martha Gorman Schultz of Leupp, Arizona. Leanna, 15, is a sophomore at Coconino High School, Flagstaff, Arizona. She started weaving at a young age of 7.
Best of Show Rug
Leanna and her sister, Brittany, and brother, Erickson, help take care of grandma's Churro sheep with the help of their mom and Uncle Jake & his daughters. The Schultz family use the Churro wool for their weavings.
Leanna, Brittany, and other cousins sell their rugs at the Annual Santa Fe Indian Market in August. Martha's grandchildren are all accomplished young weavers.
Leanna creates her own designs and she uses handspun Churro wool in her weavings. Natural dyes were used to dye the wool such as logwood (purples), indigo (blues), quercitron (yellows), overdyed quercitron to get green. Mordants were used to get the various shades of colors.

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