Diversity Rug


A traditional "Wide Ruins" style is the background with a non-symmetrical design with petroglyphs embedded in the Wide Ruins.

There is always a partial "Storm Pattern" in my Diversity since I wove many Storm Patterns (being from the western part of the reservation) prior to weaving other styles. I weave the "Diversity" rugs upside down because I want the pointed design to come to a point when placed the reverse way when taken off the loom. Pivate Collection

My "Diversity" weavings are woven using very fine (140 - 150 wefts to the inch) variegated wool of earth-tone colors. Each piece is numbered with a roman numeral with my signature symbol and only the collector knows where they are in the rug.
  This particular Diversity has a turtle to the right of the partial Storm Pattern. I include symbols from various rugs and embed them with petroglyphs designs.