Ya at' eeh!
Marilou Schultz, Navajo, weaver of Navajo Rugs or Dine Rugs/Weavings. I weave all styles of Navajo rugs/weavings such as the Classic, Germantown, Regional, Contemporary styles and create my own designs in some of my weavings. Most of my Navajo rugs/Dine Weavings are of very fine wooI. Sometimes I card, spin, and dye Churro sheep yarns for special orders. All my Navajo weavings/Dine rugs are commissioned pieces unless I make one for a show or market. I've been weaving since I was a child and have continued the tradition. I sometimes rely on roving Navajo Churro wool and some pre-dyed wool (vegetal - plant dyed) for some of my projects since I have a full-time teaching job.I am currently working on a several commisson pieces but always have time for more. Feel free to inquire about a Navajo style rug or if you have your own design that you might be interested in having made into a tapestry. I come from more than five generations of Navajo weavers so there is always someone in my family who can fill your order.

During the summer months I devote my time to weaving Navajo/Dine rugs and natural dye workshops across the U. S. I also conduct presentations and/or demonstrations on the history of Native tribes, Weaving & Dyeing methods of Navajo Rugs, and on teaching & working with Native American students for schools, organizations, museums, and weaving guilds whenever my schedule permits.

"Ya at' eeh" in my language is a greeting and can be interpreted to mean "hello" although there is no direct translation. I hope you enjoy my site. If you have questions (480.341-0956) or have a request feel free to send an email.

Images above in banner taken by Bob Rink, Photographer, City of Phoenix
Dine Weavings
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